C++ full tutorial | How to start C++ | Part 001

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C++ full tutorial | How to start C++ | Part 001

C++ Lesson 6 – Storage of information through user interactions and VARIABLES
C++ Lesson 4 – Get ready for the first program
C++ Lesson 3 – Setting the background PROGRAMMING for LINUX.

What is a programming language?

If you want to control your computer or if you want to communicate with your computer you knead programs. For this human makes programming language. A computer program is like a book with a special structure and vocabulary. This language is design to understand by people like the language we use every day. But the vocabulary is much smaller than the languages we use. So C ++ is just one of these programming languages. I think the most popular is C ++.

You can’t keep a computer program written in your computer. You just need to make that schedule work. It requires an executing program. Let’s talk about it.

There are so many programming languages ​​in the world now, each with different vocabulary. But if you do one thing right, it’s easy to learn the next one.

Is there any difference between C and C ++?

Yes. C is also a programming language. It was first used to create UNIX. C is a very low-level, powerful programming language. But it is not without shortcomings. C++ is a newer version of than C. Also, it is much easier to develop a program in C++, which helps you develop a better program than C in C++.

And for a programmer I believe, it’s better to start with C++ than C.

Do I need to know C to learn C++?

No. Everything you can do in C done in C++. If you know C, you can easily adapt to the new features of C++. If you don’t know C, there is no problem because there is no advantage in knowing C before learning C++.

Want to be a Mathematician to learn programming?

No. Programming is largely based on design and logical thinking. Not arithmetic. It is not necessary to deepen algebra. Programming and math concerned with building these topics and getting the right answers. If you want to create a special numerical program for things like statistical analysis from programming, this is where knowledge of mathematics is important. Other than that, math requires no special skills.


Programming is the art of writing commands. That is, computers can understand and execute these commands. This set of commands is call source code. So this source code is writing by a programmer.


The output we get at the end of the program is calling an executable file. If the executable is an example of a file that can run on your computer on a Windows computer, we know that most files in a format called “.exe” are executable. This source code written by a programmer will not work on your computer until it is converting into an executable file. We need help with another program. This is the program called Compiler. So without this compiler, no source code can converted into an executable file. Another thing is that this compiler not only translates a source code into an executable file, but also executes the executable file separately by following instructions in the source code. It is never possible to recover a source code from an executable file. Well, let’s see in the next lesson on how to set up the programming environment for Windows.


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