How to get full root Access by Termux without Root?


How to get full root Access by Termux without Root?

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Hello friends, come back with me to the blog. In this article I will show you how to get root access in Termux without root. Maybe some of you are confused with the topic.

Can we get root access on terminals without root? Very clever. Here we are using the Fakeroot package. We’re going to talk about Fakeroot, what is Fakeroot and what is Fakeroot’s use.

What is Fakeroot?

Fakeroot is a handler program that we can use to gain root access in Termux. Even if the device we’re using is not rooted, we can still run scripts or Termaux tools that need root access.

Of course, using this shortcut will be very useful to us. After all, not all scripts or Termux tools can run without root. If someone does that by requiring root access, we can use Fakeroot.

How to Install Fakeroot on Android Tarmux?

Below is a method to install pseudo-root on the heat so that we can get root access on terminals without root. Check out the full list below.

1. Open the termux, activate the internet connection and type the command and update the terminus package first.

pkg update && pkg upgrade

2. After that, install Fakeroot by typing the command.

pkg install fakeroot

How To Run Fakeroot In Termux Android?

After successfully installing Fakeroot, we will try to run Fakeroot in Termux. Here are the steps.

1. Running Fakeroot in Termux is very easy. We use the following command only.


2. If the number of $ signing times changes to #, that means that Fakeroot is running successfully.

3. When the $ signing frequency changes to #, we can verify that Fakeroot is actually running using the command.


4. If the key word comes out, congratulations, Fakeroot has gone well.

5. To exit from Fakeroot, you can type the exit command, or press CTRL + d + enter.

How To Fix Errors When Installing Fakeroot In Termux Android?

When we install Fakeroot in Turmux we have some bugs. If any of you get an error, you can overcome it by installing the Fakeroot option, Proot and how to do it.

1. Install Proot using the command.

pkg install proot

2. After installing Proot, we can use the command for how to run Proot in Termux.

Ok, here’s how to get root access in termux without root. Now we can run various scripts or tools that require root access in Termux. Thanks.


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