How to install Kali Linux in windows Computer using virtualBox – 001

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How to install Kali Linux in windows Computer using virtualBox – 001

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Today I’m bring a tutorial for create your own ethical hacking lab. So many people want to learn kali linux. But they also like to using windows. Today I’m going to show you how to install kali linux in windows PC or Laptop. So let’s begin our tutorial.

First you want two things for doing this. We need VirtualBox and Kali Linux OS. We can get both of directly their main sites.

Oracle VirtualBox –

Kali Linux –

Get any version VirtualBox if its support your computer and then download kali linux. I also recommend Kali Linux 64-Bit (Installer) – 2020.1b version.

If you download two of these then install VirtualBox. I don’t introduce how to install VirtualBox. Then open VirtualBox. You can see a window like this.

Now we need to configuration our VirtualBox. Click new in the top.

Then we need to add details of your downloaded OS. Input a name for you workplace. Then select ‘Linux’ as type. Add version is ‘Debian (.. bit)’. There are two versions. Among these you choose which bit you downloaded. I also get 64 bit, so I add Debian (64 bit). Then click next.

Select amount of memory (RAM) in megabytes. If you have a 4GB RAM adds 2GB RAM for this. If you have 2GB RAM adds also 1GB for running this. I will add 2GB for this.

Then you had to select hard disk type. No need change anything its check automatically “Create a virtual hark disk now”. Click create button.

No need to add changes. You can see also hard disk file type is “VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)”. Just click next.

Now you can see “Storage on physical hard disk”. It’s should be also Dynamic allocated.

Then you had to select “File location and size”. Don’t changes file location, add 15GB as size.

Now its basic steps are complete. We need to change settings for your this one. Because of don’t click “Start”.

Select you created VirtualBox and click “Settings”.

Now click “System > Motherboard”, deselect ‘Floppy’ from “Boot Order”.

Then click Processor tab and add two processors for this. if you already have only two processors don’t change it. See down and add tick to “Enable PAE/NX”. It’s too help if you running 32 bit kali Linux in 64 bit computer.

If you already done click “Storage” section. Then you can see ‘Empty’ in the “Controller: IDE”. Click there and next click “Optional Drive” disk icon. Now click “Choose Virtual Optical Disk File”.

Now select your file and click open. Then click ‘OK’ button of the ‘Settings’ window.

I hope now you configure all settings correctly. If you have any problem we can help you. Tut is actually not end. I will be continuing for installation. But if I do it in this post it will be difficulty for understand. I also add another tutorial soon and wait for it.


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