Nmap Port Scanning tool (Basic Tutorial for Beginers) – 001


Nmap Port Scanning tool (Basic Tutorial for Beginers) – 001

Nmap network scanning (Basic Tutorial for Beginers) – 002
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In the previous lesson we talk about Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribute. If you don’t read that post please read it before the reading this, because of there are so many basic introduce about kali linux and tools we using to penetration testing.

            So, today we are going to talk about mainly used penetration testing tool and its commands. Its name Nmap. It’s mainly used for open port scanning.

            This tool pre install in Kali Linux, if you can’t find this tool open your linux terminal and put these codes.

            apt install nmap

            now it’s take some time and it will be installed. After completely installed you can simply type namp to access that tool.

Nmap Basic Commands

nmap <host ip here>

            In this tool most basically command is “nmap <host ip here>”. This is using for scan some website or network. After type this codes press enter and its take some time to scan your website or network.


Now you can see which ports are open and which ports are closed. If some Black hat Hacker using this tool he can access your website without sending any payload. So if your website have too many open ports contact Professional penetration tester and fix the bugs.

(If you don’t know to how to find website IP address using kali linux? What we can do? Simply enter “dig <website domain here>”)

Then you can find the IP address of website and simply scan website using Nmap.

nmap –sV <host ip here>

            We can use this command for knowing running service software, version number and ports in the host server.

nmap –sV

This command can used for range of IP. Try this code to know about.

nmap –sV

This command shows IP address range since to

nmap -n -sP -oN running_hosts <Host IP here>

            Now we can save our scan report using simply command. After use this command you can see a folder of current working directory. Its name will be running_hosts.

nmap -n -sP -oG running_hosts_new

            This code also generate a scan report, but this is too attractive previous scan report. We can you this report easily for another work.

Actually this tutorial is education purpose only. If you want to scan any website or server you should get the permission first. Isn’t you have permission don’t try this. Because of it’s a cyber-crime.

            If you have any problem about this post or this tool comment here. If you need instant solution join our forum using this link.



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