Online YouTube Backlink Generator Tool


Online YouTube Backlink Generator Tool

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Today we are going to talk about non related cyber security and ethical hacking topic. There are more people in most countries use YouTube. Some person use YouTube as a money income media. Read this post carefully before the use it.

Can we earn money with YouTube?

Yes we can, YouTube support Google AdSense. We can lot of money if your channel getting famous.

How can we promote our channel?

There is lot of ways to do that. Official website writers and some other persons use social media promotions to doing this. But everyone hasn’t money.

Can’t we promote our channel without money?

Yes we can. If you have profitable keywords and quality content you will automatically promote your channel. But videos should be yours. You can re uploading others videos without any agreement.

Have any automated system to promote our channel?

Yes. We build an automated system for doing this. It’s automatically generating backlinks for your YouTube videos.

What are the backlinks?

Backlinks are links for your website or YouTube video from elsewhere. It’s too helped to increase your traffic to YouTube channel or website.

How can i generate backlinks?

Easily you can use our tool. It’s totally safe.

Have any price to this tool?

No, 100% it’s a free tool. You can promote your YouTube channel in few days.

How to use this tool?

First you should visit our YouTube backlink generator page.

Click here -> YouTube Backlink Generator

Then scroll down and find the “ID-YOUTUBE-VIDEO:” Location.

Now visit your YouTube Dashboard and Select a video want to you promote.

I will take this video.

(Video title is “How to get access to mobile phone front camera using mobile phone or PC – 2020”)

Now we should get video ID. It’s always show like this.“Video-ID”

Copy video ID. In this video my VIDEO-ID is “qUKHTM2UYVA”.

Now I also input it to “ID-YOUTUBE-VIDEO:” box.

Then you want to find keywords for your video. I also add these keywords because of many people search these in YouTube.

Cyber Security | Ethical Hacking | Phishing Attack

Like that way or you can use commas for separate keywords.

SecDevil, Cyber Attack, Ethical Hacking Forum

So now we should add keywords to our keyword section.

Then you should know how many backlinks you want to add your video. There are four groups to choose you. (It’s on drop down menu of under the keyword.) Choose number from there. (You also can see 10, 25, 50 and 117. I recommend 117 to mostly famous your site.)

Click ‘Start Backlinking’ for start promotes your video.

You can see how to configuration that using this image.

I know you have many questions to asking from me. Feel free and comment your all questions.

This tool not works with one time use. You should use this one week as twice a day.

This is totally safe for AdSense. Because of we do not generate automated hits or views and subscribers. We only promote your YouTube channel. This is end of this tutorial. I hope you can enjoy with your earnings of YouTube.


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