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Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribute – Kali Linux

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Welcome all of you to my new blog. Today I’m going to teach you some valuable tutorial. Yes, you know what about I say after looking title. When someone say “Kali Linux” we also remember it’s a hacking tool.

Is that true? No actually it’s not true. This operating system is not design for hacking. It’s made for find and analyzes system vulnerabilities. After you ask someone “what is Kali Linux?” if he/she say you “This OS is hacking system”, it’s not a suitable answer.

            Can’t we hack using Kali Linux? Yes, we can hack using Kali Linux. But first we should analyze vulnerabilities by this.

            Let’s talk about background of Kali Linux. This is also debian operating system. It’s look like Linux, Ubuntu and Redhat. Like as that operating systems Kali Linux also work with terminal. When we used most times kali linux we should use terminal. There are few GUI (Graphic User Interface) software. You can see kali linux desktop interface on here.

            Now we see what the main tools categories. There are 13 categories in mainly.

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Vulnerability Analysis
  3. Web Application Analysis
  4. Database Assessments 
  5. Password Attacks
  6. Wireless Attacks
  7. Reverse Engineering
  8. Exploitation Tools
  9. Sniffing and Spoofing
  10. Post Exploitation
  11. Forensics
  12. Reporting Tools
  13. Social Engineering Tools

There are most famous software in these categories. Among them,

  1. Nmap
  2. Burpsuit
  3. Aircrack-ng
  4. Metasploit
  5. sqlmap
  6. Jonny
  7. SET

This tools mainly used for penetration testing. Not only these tools, there are so many valuable tools in this operating system. These are not used for hacking; we only can analyze vulnerabilities and weakness of targeted system.

            If you stay with our blog you can learn how to use Kali Linux for analyze vulnerabilities and weakness of system. Not only my blog, you can find so many valuable tutorial in Google.

            If you want to install Kali Linux for PC or Laptop we also teach you how to do that. No need to format your PC. Let’s do it without any problem.

            Thanks for came here and read my tutorial. If you can please write a comment.


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