Python Lesson 1 – Python and Computer Programming

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Python Lesson 1 – Python and Computer Programming

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Python is a very important programming language for anyone who is a beginner in computer programming and is interested in computer programming. In this blog, I hope to give you a simple lesson on Python from today. For more information on the C++ language we offer, please visit below.

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Before starting the tutorial on Python, we identified some important topics.

Computer Programming

If we want to work on a computer, we have to give detailed instructions to the computer. Programming is the process of transmitting these instructions to the computer using the appropriate language.


The person who runs the computer program is called a computer programmer. This is a very rewarding job in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world.

Programming Languages

If we look at a common language, a language is used to communicate. A computer language is used to communicate between the programmer and the computer.

In other words, a computer language is used to instruct a computer to perform a task.

Python is also a computer language. Here are a few more examples.

Ex: C, C++, C #, Java, Python

Classification of computer languages

There are many ways to classify computer languages, but here are the following two categories:

1. Machine languages

2. High level languages

Machine languages

Binary codes are made up of 0.1 binary codes that the computer can understand directly. This language varies from machine to machine. And programming with these languages is quite complicated.

High Level languages

These languages are easy to program because they are designed to be close to the languages we use every day. But this language is difficult to understand directly and must be translated into machine language using Language Translator. Languages like C, Java and the Python language we learn belong to this category.

Language Translator Software

A computer program used to translate high-level language into machine language. There are two types of software.

1. Compilers

2. Interpreters


In compilers, the first step is to convert the entire computer program into object code, then translate this object code into machine language.

Ex: C and Java


In semantics, high-level computer language commands are converted into machine language simultaneously with program execution.

Ex: Python

This article ends with a simple introduction to computer programming, in the next article we will learn about Python.


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