Trojan horseโ€™s Story | who is this Trojan horse

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Trojan horseโ€™s Story | who is this Trojan horse

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It’s a technical story. There are a few things, no matter how much we teach, that we understand from the examples. Very well remembered! This is how I understood the work of Trojan horse. You don’t know how far it is. Read the story!

Once upon a time there was an ancient city on the edge of western Asia. Near Greece (just across the sea from Greece) is Troy. The red map on the top map is Troy City. You know that the Greeks are a warrior nation. Those who saw it the Greeks, however heroic they were, could not conquer Troy. It was because the people of Troy had built a strong wall around the city against hostilities. During the war the walls of this wall were close to prevent enemies from leaving. And the archers will punch the enemy from above before they can enter the city. The Greeks worked so hard to conquer the city that they fought for ten years. The reason is that they refused to accept defeat for reputation reasons. However, both sides have been exhaust from the war for ten years.

One day Ulysses, the Greek general, had the right idea to win the war. He decided to leave Troy. And to send a gift of peace to the inhabitants of Troy. It was a beautiful horse made of wood. However, the Greeks, like warriors and very artistic people, were able to make the wooden horse attractive. As soon as the horse was sent by a person to Troy, the Greeks moved away from Troy. The people of Troy were very happy to see the Greeks go and proud to have won the war. So I gladly accepted that gift. “Excellent wooden horse. This is the celebration of our victory.”

This is the best thing to do. The people of Troy slept happily for the night. While sleeping, the Greek soldiers who had hidden in the wooden horse came out and climbed the city walls and opened the doors to the Greek army. The Greek army appears to be on track. So imagine the end of Troy. This is how the Greeks defeated Troy by winning the city. “Greeks carrying Attention gifts!” This is how the saying goes.

This is the story of Trojan horse. We know Trojan Horse as a known malicious program. Here’s how the two stories interact. Trojan Horse virus does not recur automatically. But it is even more destructive within our computer. Suppose that a Trojan Horse program is installed on your computer and that a hacker elsewhere can use our information. It can cause a lot of damage to your computer data. This is what the Trojan horse can do.

1. Make our computer a member of a botnet.
2. Stealing data.
3. Install third-party malwares.
4. Downloading or uploading files.
5. Data Modification.
6. Crashing the computer.
7. Keystroke logging

The best way to escape the Trojan horse is to download software from reputable sites. Also, be careful when installing. Before downloading the software, see the comments. Don’t forget to leave a comment on how the story went.


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