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I think many people who run blogs have heard the word SEO. So I thought you would write some articles on SEO and how to make your blog SEO. So you all know how important traffic to a blog is. Blogs that have no traffic. Because all blogs expect readers to come to their blog. But most blogs don’t have all the traffic they think. Therefore, foreigners are moving away from blogs. So the main purpose of this SEO is to increase traffic on your blog. Increasing traffic means searching for a word or keyword through the search engine and increasing traffic on your blog. This traffic is also known as organic traffic.

The word SEO is a combination of the first three search engine optimization letters. You know that if you search for a word in some search engine, hundreds of thousands of pages of information related to that word will be displayed. This is what SEO is doing to get some of the search terms put first.

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Let’s say you’re blogging about cyber security. In that blog you are writing an article about Kali Linux. So if you do a search on Kali Linux on Google, will your blog on that list be on the first or front page? No rights? That’s what this SEO is doing to get our blog in the first place
There are a number of factors that a search engine will take into consideration. If we have our blog in the same order, our blog is definitely at the top of the results list.

So you will understand that if I say “Kali Linux” in the hundreds of millions of people looking today on Google and our blog. How many people will go to our blog? That’s why so many people worry about SEO. So many companies around the world pay close attention to SEO. This is very important for bloggers.

SEO Checker Tool
There are actually many SEO control tools on the Internet. So today I’m going to give you many things we can do in one place. This is the SEO Checker tool.

Using this tool, we get free registrations. We can make it a complete SEO audit for our site.

Basically, it contains the following:

  • Search Engine Checker
  • Rank Checker
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Test Your Website
  • Content Analysis
  • Research tool

Shen E-Service is able to put all these things in one place. This post is really important for many people. Leave a comment if there is any meaning. See you through the next tut.

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