What is DNS? (Domain Name System)

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What is DNS? (Domain Name System)

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Just as our people use a name that identifies each other, they use numbers and IP addresses to find devices on a network.

When everyone accesses a site, we use the web address of that site together.

e.g. secdevil.com

But this website is host on the Internet as an IP address.


Identify. As a solution to this problem, he created a system called DNS for network engineers.

When secdevil.com on the browser, DNS looks for an IP address that matches the database. With a compatible IP address, our device can connect to a Google web server. DNS works like searching for an address book and finding the number.

Here’s how it works. When we hit secdevil.com for the first time, we are unable to find our browser or operating system in the browser. It is close to Resolver Server. The resolution server is your Internet service provider. Then the resolution server checks its cache to see if an IP address exists that matches secdevil.com. If it can’t find it, send a query to the next level. It is the root server. At the top of the DNS hierarchy is the main server.

There are 13 root servers set up. Established in various locations around the world and operates in 12 organizations.

When sending the Resolver query to the root server, the root server does not know what the IP address is. He knows where to send the resolver. The root server sends resolves to the TLD server. TLD stands for Top Level Domain Server (.com domain). Resolver requests the IP address associated with secdevil.com from the TLD server.

Store the TLD server for address information, top-level domain.

For example: .com, .net, .org, .lk etc.

This is the TLD server that we are considering, managed only by the .COM domain. Secdevil.com is the same. But the TLD server doesn’t know what the IP address is for secdevil.com. Then the TLD server will point the resolver to the last level or the last server. It is the authoritative name server.

Resolver asks him for his IP address on secdevil.com. The authoritative Name Server knows all about a domain, including the IP address. Finally, send the resolver to the IP address of secdevil.com.

So the resolver says that this is the IP address for your PC. Now the PC can recover the SecDevil web page.

Once a solver IP address, it caches. So you don’t have to go like this again.


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