Working In a High School As A Computer Instructor

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Working In a High School As A Computer Instructor

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Most people dream of working in banks, software companies, universities, or even starting their own enterprise after graduating from college with a degree in IT (Information Technology) or Computer Science. Unfortunately, I did not realize this dream in spite of having graduated top of my class. During my applications for internship jobs, I’d requested for placement in several corporate organizations as well as small startup businesses. To the best of my knowledge, these were the only organizations that could help me launch my career.

So it came as a surprise when I was informed by the head of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that I had to report to a local high school to start my internship program.

While I’d dreamt of several jobs, it never occurred to me that my first job would be a computer instructor in a high school. But as it turned out, working in high school during my formative years as an IT professional proved crucial. I learned several things which I might have not had I opted to work for a prestigious company.

For starters, the school was building its IT infrastructure and the knowledge that came with this project has stayed with me to-date. But it’s not just the knowledge that came with learning how to build a network infrastructure that proved crucial; I learned how to relate with children and how to work as a team. Listed below, are some of the experiences that I acquired while working in high school during my internship program.

1: Patience.

Instructing young students, especially learners aged between 12 and 16 on how to effectively use computer and internet technology to their benefit is not that easy. Teenagers are fascinated with what they see in movies and what to translate that same know-how to their classes. As a computer teacher, you need to know how to balance the theoretical and practical aspects of computer studies since most high school students who take computer lessons prefer lab sessions.

Patience is also called for when it comes to assessing assignments given to students. Because students are encouraged to use the internet while completing their projects, most tend to come up with fascinating answers and approaches to a problem.

2: Team Work.

Working in an environment where everybody, including the staff, is just beginning to learn how to integrate computer technology into their work processes is not that simple. Being computer literate and computer savvy are two different things. This is one of the elements that I came to learn while working in high school as a computer instructor. You have to work with everybody so as to ensure that the system is running smoothly.

Since the school was aiming to shift to a paperless environment by the time my internship was complete, it was up to me to train the staff on how to effectively use a LAN (Local Area Network) as well as the internet to assess information that is relevant to their work. While I may have thought that working in high school was a demeaning job, I must admit that I learned a lot.


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