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Keum Kokis – Sinhala Hindu New Year WordPress Plugin

Plugin Name: Keum Kokis

Description: Keum Kokis is a WordPress plugin designed to bring the Sinhala Hindu Aluth Aurudu effect to your website. With this plugin, you can add a visually appealing feature that celebrates the Sinhala and Hindu New Year by displaying falling images in the background of your WordPress site. The falling images create a festive atmosphere, enhancing the overall look and feel of your website during this auspicious occasion.


Falling Images: The plugin animates images falling down the screen, simulating the traditional Aluth Aurudu celebration where colorful images cascade in the air.

Customization: You can easily configure the images displayed by entering their URLs in the plugin settings. This allows you to personalize the falling images according to your preferences and the theme of your website.


  • Install and activate the “Keum Kokis” plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Navigate to the plugin settings page to configure the images you want to display during the Aluth Aurudu celebration.
  • Save the settings and enjoy the falling images on your website, creating a festive ambiance for your visitors.


The Keum Kokis plugin was created by Thiwanga Sandaruwan Dasanayaka, a WordPress developer passionate about bringing cultural traditions and celebrations to the digital world.


For any questions, feedback, or support requests regarding the Keum Kokis plugin, please feel free to contact Thiwanga Sandaruwan Dasanayaka via the following channels:

For further assistance and updates, you can also visit the support page provided by the plugin creator.


The Keum Kokis plugin is licensed under GPL2. You can find more information about the GNU General Public License Version 2.0 here.

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